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On the day of your arrival we would recommend to take an orientation tour to beat the jet lag and stretch your legs. Should you wish to explore most of the town on your own this tour can be also a great solution. We would cover the highlights of the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter in 2 hours, together with the Little Quarter and the Prague Castle in 3 hours, if we also include the Castle Town we would spend 4 hours sightseeing in total. After this tour you will feel comfortable in the city on your own.

Orientation tour (2h)Up to 2 hours2000 CZK ≈ 86 USDnot necessary2000 CZK ≈ 86 USD
Orientation tour (3h)Up to 3 hours3000 CZK ≈ 129 USDnot necessary3000 CZK ≈ 129 USD
Orientation tour (4h)Up to 4 hours4000 CZK ≈ 172 USDnot necessary4000 CZK ≈ 172 USD