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Prague is said to be the Heart of Europe and has always played a very important role in European history. Situated on the junctions of busy European trade routes, it became the seat of Czech princes and kings as early as in the 9th century and in 1918 capital of Czechoslovakia. Its uniquely preserved historical center includes examples of all styles of architecture, they merge in an unexpected but remarkable way and create a city with a very special atmosphere. The historical heart of the city spreads out on both sides of the Vltava River and was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Our custom made tours of the city will take you both to the most famous places as well as to hidden spots off the beaten track. Let us show you Prague in its entire beauty.

On the day of your arrival we would recommend to take an orientation tour to beat the jet lag and stretch your legs. Should you wish to explore most of the town on your own this tour can be also a great solution. We would cover the highlights of the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter in 2 hours, together with the Little Quarter and the Prague Castle in 3 hours, if we also include the Castle Town we would spend 4 hours sightseeing in total. After this tour you will feel comfortable in the city on your own.

Would you like to see where rulers of our country used to live? The complex of the Prague Castle is one of the largest castle complexes in the world and comprises of an extensive set of palaces, gardens and churches of various architectural styles. The Castle is situated on a hill overlooking the Vltava river and neighbouring the former Castle Town with beautiful monasteries, pilgrimage sites and romantic quiet lanes.

Would you like to experience a medieval town founded as early as in the 13th century and settled even earlier? Nowadays the Old Town is considered to be the heart of Prague with its many churches, narrow curvy lanes, spires and its famous Old Town Square with the Astronomical clock. The Old Town is situated on the right river bank and is connected with the other river bank by the Charles Bridge from where you can enjoy unforgettable view of the city and the Prague Castle.

(In combination with the Prague Castle Tour or Old Town Tour.) Would you like to visit a district dedicated to gardens and palaces? The Little Quarter is located just below the Prague Castle and was an independent town where nobility used to live in the palaces which are mostly used as governmental buildings and embassies today. In this romantic part of the city we can also find the famous John Lennon´s wall and the Kampa Island with the Little Venice area.

Would you like to visit the former Jewish Ghetto? Right in the middle of Prague, there are significant architectural relics of the thousand-year long history of the Prague Jews. Despite its extensive reconstruction carried out at the turn of the 20th century, the Jewish quarter still has a big concentration of original buildings. You cannot miss the famous Old New synagogue – one of the oldest Jewish structures in the world, and the Old Jewish cemetery with 12,000 tombstones – the largest and best-preserved site of its type in Europe.

Would you like to see Prague by night? You will be surprised how magical Prague can be even at night. Beautifully illuminated historical and modern buildings seen from a different perspective will make your evening in Prague truly unforgettable.