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These tours are designed for clients with special interests and cover highlights of Prague that are not included in the city tours. Each of the tours can be enjoyed separately/on their own? or in connection with any other tour and thus a unique tour corresponding to your individual interest can be created. We will be also very pleased to accommodate all your specific and unique wishes.

Would you like to see a variety of architectural styles wonderfully blended together? The architecture tour takes advantage of an overwhelming presence of historical and modern monuments in the city centre. The aim of the tour is to focus on the most important historical sites, explain typical features of each of them and provide a relevant background of history in order to emphasise each period.

Would you expect to see Paris in Prague? Both towns had very rich contacts in 19th and 20th centuries and their architecture and arts benefited from that. Many Czech artists studied and lived in Paris and upon their return to Prague introduced the new style – art nouveau. The tour presents the most beautiful art nouveau and art deco buildings with amazing interiors, and an optional visit of an art nouveau coffee house and art nouveau museum.

Would you like to see where Don Giovanni’s first night was held? The original theatre is in the very centre of Prague and it is also one of the venues where the famous movie “Amadeus” was filmed. Not only Mozart but also Beethoven, Chopin and many other famous foreign and Czech composers lived and worked in Prague. The tour aims to show you the most interesting places and buildings connected with musicians and their music, including a visit to Museum of Music and John Lennon's Wall.

Would you enjoy hearing more about our recent history? The 20th century was full of changes – since 1918 the country was no longer part of the Austrian empire as the Czechoslovak Republic was established, the communist regime took over in 1948, democratic changes were stopped by the Soviet invasion in 1968, the Velvet revolution brought communism down in 1989 and a few years later Czech and Slovak parts of the country separated,… The tour takes you to places where most important events of modern history happened and also to the Museum of Communism.

Would you like to see surprisingly wonderful sites that are located in quiet suburbs of Prague? Amazing complexes of monasteries, chateaus built for the finest and noblest families, former hunting game-preserves, palaces for fair trade exhibitions and typical residential and luxurious districts just to name a few. This tour will show you how much more Prague has to offer.