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Would you be interested in visiting an international concentration camp preserved as a museum? A short drive from Prague will take you to a different world. Terezín played an important role in Nazi propaganda and was presented as a town given to the Jews so they could govern it in their own way. In reality it became place of suffering for thousands of Jews where they waited for their transports to extermination camps.

(Extension of the Terezín trip.) The tragedy of this little village and its inhabitants began on June 10, 1942. The events of that summer day are recorded in a film that served as a document No. 379 at the Nuremberg trials. The village was destroyed as an act of vengeance for the assassination of "an outstanding man of the German nation" – Reinhard Heydrich.

Would you like to see how a noble family used to live? Visit a Lobkowicz summer country seat with beautiful interiors and precious art collections on display. The aristocratic Lobkowicz family was given its confiscated property back in early 90´s and now you have the great opportunity to walk through charming Nelahozeves Castle built in the period of renaissance. Just below the castle is situated birth house of the famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak.

Would you like to see the second most important Czech town in the Middle Ages? Very well preserved medieval town of Kutná Hora is located very close to Prague. After a walk around the town, we will visit the St. Barbara's cathedral and the Italian Court which was used in the past as a central mint of the Czech Kingdom. Worth seeing is also the All Saints Church in Sedlec with crypt ossuary where human bones were used for decoration. The aim of the tour is to present the most important moments of the 14th and 15th century history of the Czech Kingdom connected with Kutná Hora.

Would you enjoy relaxation in a spa town combined with a visit of amazing sites? This trip will take you to the western part of the Czech Republic, where historical spa towns with hundreds of mineral springs are located. At the countryside there are many castles and chateaus so picturesque that many movies were filmed there. We will visit the traditional Moser glass factory, where the most famous glass, “The glass of the kings” is still being handmade, take a walk along the Tepla river in the town of Karlovy Vary and on the way back to Prague we will stop at Loket Castle.

Would you be interested in visiting a town where Christians and Jews peacefully coexisted in the past? In a charming town in south-western part of the country there is a very well preserved Jewish quarter with over 120 houses, two synagogues and a cemetery. In the neighbourhood there is one of the most beautiful Romanesque basilicas in the Czech Republic. A visit to this town can be combined with the following trip.

Would you like to see one of the most beautiful squares with historical arcaded burghers´ houses in Central Europe? Next to the square can be found an original medieval castle rebuilt into a modern chateau residence set in a magnificent garden. The whole town shows the influence of Italian Renaissance style in the Czech kingdom. Additional 2 hours to Třebíč trip.

Would you like to experience a very special atmosphere of this ancient town situated just below a medieval castle – the second largest chateau complex in the Czech Republic? In this beautiful aristocratic seat you can admire original furnishing as well as an authentic baroque chateau theatre. Especially attractive is the ancient image and unique atmosphere of the town that makes it one of the most popular places visited by Czechs.

Would you like to visit a high Gothic castle founded in 14th century? Karlštejn was built by the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV as a place for safekeeping of the royal treasures, and has always had a unique position among Czech castles. Set in a beautiful scenery surrounded by deep forests, this castle rises majestically above a little village.

Would you like to visit a gothic fortress founded after French castles in the end of the 13th century? This romantic chateau was rebuilt into a representative imperial seat by the successor of the Austrian throne, archduke Ferdinand d'Este. Apart from the beautiful interiors with extensive collections of hunting trophies, worth visiting are the park and baroque rose garden.

Would you like to visit one of the oldest Czech royal castles from the 12th century surrounded by forested hills? The exposition in this monumental castle combines historic interiors with rich museum and painting gallery, a famous castle prison and hunting trophies.

Would you like to observe traditional process of glass making? Let us take you to glass factory where you will be able to admire the skills of glass blowers, cutters and engravers. In the factory shop you can buy exclusive glass of top quality for very competitive prices.